How We Help

At Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter (MPAS), our vision is a community where there are no abused, abandoned, or neglected animals. MPAS is a no-kill shelter that is 100% funded by donations. No animal is ever euthanized for lack of space. Adoptable cats and dogs reside at MPAS until they find a home.

They come to us tired, dirty, alone, and desperately in need of love and attention. They come to us from near and far, from homes no longer able to care for them, shelters too crowded to keep them, and from desperate situations.


Shelter PartneringTransport Arrival

While Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter operates from a waiting list for animal surrenders, we also are known as a friend in the animal welfare community, offering assistance to overcrowded facilities with adoptable animals and participating in a variety of animal rescue initiatives as part of our Shelter Partnering Program. Approximately 90% of our dogs and cats are rescued from facilities that would have been forced to euthanize due to overcrowding. These pets come from shelters both in New Jersey as well as other states where the need is greatest. Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter works with these collaborating agencies to safely transport the animals to Mt. Pleasant, where they are evaluated, given veterinary care, spayed or neutered, and placed for adoption.

We take them into our offices, our homes, our arms and our hearts. At MPAS, we want to make sure we do everything our animals need not only to survive, but to thrive as well.

All animals at Mt. Pleasant are spayed/neutered, microchipped, up-to-date on vaccinations, and receive a full veterinary exam. In addition to treating basic medical needs, fundraising programs, like Nicky’s Second Chance Fund, earmark funds to treat animals with special medical needs. Beyond the physical, through programs like kennel & cattery enrichment and behavioral modification, Mt. Pleasant does our best to ensure that we focus as much on the mind as the body. 


Behavior Modification Programs prescreen all dogs through temperament testing, helping staff match pets with potential adopters. This adds insight to a dog’s individual needs & personality. Along with this, Kennel Enrichment Programs are designed to stimulate the dogs emotionally, physically, and mentally to avoid burnout. Our two free-roaming catteries allow our felines to interact with each other while enjoying ample attention from potential adopters and volunteers. We comfortably house up to seventy cats at one time. Each cat enjoys a soft bed, toys, and has the ability to exercise, play, and socialize.

Programs like these, along with volunteers and a dedicated staff of animal caretakers and adoption counselors ensures Mt. Pleasant has maintained a consistent, and responsible, 98% adoption rate.


Community OutreachMicrochip implant by cat
Programs and services are not limited to our companion animals, however. Mt. Pleasant’s staff offers behavioral advice to past adopters as well as the general public. Trained volunteers enable the Shelter to expand its efforts to provide community-enriching and life-saving programs.  At Mt. Pleasant, all animals are microchipped before they leave. The microchip, which is about the size of a grain of rice, is injected quickly and painlessly in between the animal’s shoulder blades. This process can save an animal’s life! If an animal ever gets loose, it can easily be identified by a scanner and returned to the owners. This is much safer than just having a collar, since collars and tags can easily fall off while an animal is straying outside. Mt. Pleasant is one of the few places in the area where you can have your pet safely and inexpensively microchipped.  Interested in microchipping your pet? Email or call 973-386-0590 to schedule an appointment today! The cost is only $35 and all proceeds support homeless cats and dogs.


For more information on Mt. Pleasant’s life-saving work, please contact our Development Manager at or 973-386-0034.