We are proud of our work to give abandoned kittens and puppies the chance for healthy, safe lives. Mike and Storm But it takes a team of dedicated, loving people to make it happen. Our tech team, vets, and fosters work together to socialize and medically care for every kitten and puppy so they’re ready to be adopted. 

Being a foster is a wonderful chance to nurture an innocent animal and give it a chance for a new life. Plus, it doesn’t cost a thing! Mt. Pleasant provides all food, toys,medical treatment and supplies while you provide the love and attention. You simply add the love!

Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter needs caring homes for:

  • unweaned puppies  and kittens
  • puppies or kittens too young for adoption or requiring medical care and
  • dogs or cats who are stressed in a shelter  environment or recovering from medical procedures

Our foster application can be found here. For more information, please contact our Foster Coordinator at (973) 386-0590 or