Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter

Mt. Pleasant Adoption Application

Now that you’ve seen the great pets we have available for adoption, we’d like to get to know you a little better. We invite you complete the online application below.

Remember, if you have any questions at all, we have adoption counselors, certified trainers and animal care specialists on staff to help you find the right pet for your family. Don’t hesitate to call us at 973-386-0590 or send an e-mail to:

Adoption Fees

Dogs (9 months and up): $375

Puppies (under 9 months): $450

Cats (9 months and up): $150 

Kittens (under 9 months): $200

Adoption Application
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Please list the pets you have owned in the last 5 years.

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If the animal has not been spayed or neutered, it may be placed in a foster to adopt situation. This means that the animal is still the responsibility of the shelter, and MUST be quarantined from all animals in your household.
The animal, if placed in your care, will be required to be brought to our shelter for regular wellness visits or if it becomes ill. These visits will be scheduled on weekdays between 9 am and 3 pm and are mandatory.
How long will the puppy or kitten be left alone during the day?
I am planning to adopt the puppy or kitten at the end of my foster period.

I hereby release to Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter all access to veterinary and town license record of any and all animals I own or have owned. I certify that all the information in this application is true and I understand false information may void the application. All adoptions are finalized at the discretion of MPAS. Completion of the application in no way guarantees acquisition of a pet. I understand this application is the property of MPAS. MPAS has completed an initial behavioral evaluation, veterinary check, spay/neuter and updated the vaccinations of the pet, however we do not guarantee the future health or temperament of any pet. Adoption Fees and Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.