Helping Others In Our Community

Food Bank

Community Outreach is an important part of what we do at Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter. Supporting local food banks and shelters with supplies helps pet parents care for their animals. We collect and organize food and supplies and distribute them on a regular basis.

In March 2021, we distributed more than 1,000 lbs of pet food to support those in need. This helps feed approximately 55 pets for one month. We also donate items like blankets, beds, and toys.

Through this program, we provide much-needed support to those struggling to feed their pets. You can help support our endeavors by making a donation below or by ordering food items from our Amazon or Chewy Wish Lists. 


It is important to pay forward the kindness of our community who is extremely generous with food donations to our shelter. No donation is ever wasted and will help struggling pet owners keep the animals that they love and care for. 

Lorri Caffrey
Executive Director