Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter

Our Vision, Mission and Values


We envision a community of people and organizations committed to working together to eliminate the occurrence of abused, neglected and homeless animals.


To build a community of people and organizations working together to save today’s, and prevent tomorrow’s, abused, neglected and homeless animals.

How we do this …….

  • Deliver the highest level of animal care to prepare today’s animals in need for their future homes
  • Bring together the cats and dogs who need a loving family with the people who want them
  • Provide community services and resources to ensure every animal has a safe and healthy life


Animal Focused: Our highest priority is to provide the best care for our animals. We serve as the voice of our animals and bring the experience, knowledge and passion for animal welfare to ensure our animals find a loving home.

Compassion: We treat our animals, our animal welfare community and our staff with respect and dignity.

Community Based: We offer continued support to the adoptive families and their animals to ensure a safe, healthy and happy life together. We value our animal welfare community since we cannot achieve our mission without them.

Personal Accountability: Each person takes responsibility for their role and following through on commitments.

Integrity: All employees, directors and community members adhere to MPAS values and principles. We strive to be timely, open and honest in our communications.