Don’t have room for another furry friend, but still want to help?

Sponsor a Pet

Make your donations more personal by sponsoring an animal at Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter. Your support will be used for your food, medical, and any other kind of care that your sponsored pet needs.

Donations can be made monthly for a term of your choosing. If your sponsored pet is adopted during your specified term (which IS our ultimate goal), your sponsorship can be re-designated to another shelter animal so your gift can keep on giving.

Sponsor a Pet

Basic Sponsorship

Basic Sponsorship allows donors to provide full or partial support towards the medical needs, food, and miscellaneous care for a single pet for a specified number of months.


Sponsor-an-Adoption allows donors the opportunity to fully support an adoption of a cat or dog, by paying a one-time fee.

Full Sponsorship

Full Sponsorship provides for full financial support of a single pet, including the up-front cost of the adoption fee, as well as full monthly sponsorship for the duration of the pet’s stay at Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter.

All of our pets listed on Petfinder would love to have a sponsor!!