Helping Others In Our Community

Home To Home

We envision life-long pet guardianship when someone adopts a pet, however, we know through experience that is not always the case. People’s circumstances change and, sometimes, that means finding a new home for a beloved pet that can no longer be cared for. Our shelter is a limited capacity, private shelter, and cannot take in every animal – as much as we would want to.

Home To Home is a newly developed program, offered by Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter, that gives people who can no longer keep their pets the opportunity to find new, loving homes without having to drop pets off at the shelter. Pets go from one home into another. This service is a platform to help pet owners personally rehome their pets.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduces stress on animals by keeping them out of the shelter.
  • Leaves more shelter resources available to animals with no other options- stray, abandoned or suffering from neglect.
  • Gives potential new owners a chance to learn more about the animals directly from the current owner.

This service is free to use for both guardians and adopters. It won’t be suitable for all re-homing needs, such as strays. Eligible candidates will be reviewed by our team before being listed, however, eligibility is based on information provided by the candidate’s owner. All potential guardians are asked to do their due diligence before accepting any animal into their home.