Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter

Our Approach

We are a Fear Free Shelter

Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter has joined the Fear Free Shelter movement. This program provides education to our staff and volunteers to learn ways to reduce the fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS), and frustration that is often experienced by animals coming into the shelter. Using the techniques and strategies learned, we can enrich the environment for the animals we take in while working to understand and support their emotional needs. 

Kennel Enrichment

The kennel environment is, quite frankly, not natural. Sometimes this can stress a dog to a point where he or she might appear aggressive – even when they are not. This program is designed to stimulate dogs emotionally, physically, and mentally to help eliminate stress and avoid shelter burnout. Activities include multiple daily walks, playtime, music, outdoor time, and socialization.

Free-Roaming Cattery

Cats weren’t meant to be caged. Our fabulous felines have their freedom to roam around two catteries which allow them to interact with each other and enjoy ample attention from potential adopters. Grab a toy and start playing – you know you want to.

Kennel Enrichment and Behavior Modification
Pet Microchipping at Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter
Education & Outreach

Our Petucation program focuses on safe interaction with the community. Students and adults alike are treated to free lessons on humane care and treatment of animals. Our Incredible canines travel with our Outreach Coordinators to visit schools and workplaces, alike. You never know when you might meet your new best friend.

Progressive Animal Care

All of our animals are microchipped, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and receive exceptional veterinary care prior to adoption. These are essentials for responsible pet owners. We give you a “good pet parent” head-start and make sure you have all the information we can gather on your new pet.