Kitten Season Has Arrived!

What is kitten season?

Simply put, kitten season is a time of year when we see a large increase in the number of litters being born. Primarily, kitten season occurs March through October. Cats can become pregnant at 4 months which is why it is so important to spay and neuter your cats when they are young. One litter includes an average of 4 to 8 kittens.

How can you help?
MPAS Kitten Season
One of the kittens born here at Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter in February, 2020

The increase in kittens and nursing mothers puts a strain on Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter and its resources and we need your help. Newborn kittens are especially susceptible to illness, so fostering them outside of the shelter is ideal. To help give our kittens a healthy start during this critical time we are in great need of:

  • Foster caregivers who can provide care in their homes
  • Kitten milk
  • Cat food that supports nursing mothers

Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter provides continuous support to our foster caregivers. If you are not currently a foster caregiver, and are considering opening your home and heart to becoming one, please contact us at or complete our Foster Application online. Donations are always welcome too and can be dropped off during normal business hours.