New Medical Equipment Saves Lives

When Thor arrived at Mt Pleasant Animal Shelter, he was severely malnourished and visibly sick. Our veterinary team quickly determined Thor was in renal failure, an incurable condition. But that didn’t mean Thor couldn’t live a happy life. The key was to immediately develop a treatment plan that would give Thor a fighting chance to live his best life.

Dr. Mary and her team quickly put Thor on specialized prescription food to help him regain weight, safely. To give Thor the intravenous treatments he desperately needed for his renal condition, Mt. Pleasant purchased an IV pump. With the love and care of our caring staff and volunteers, Thor slowly began to recover.

Thor with Brandon, Adoption Counselor & Kennel Staff.

Today, Thor is a different dog from the one who arrived at our shelter just two months ago. His loving personality and playfulness have returned, and he is now ready for his forever home. Even though he is in renal failure, he may have months or even years of a happy life ahead of him. By investing in medical equipment like the IV pump, Mt. Pleasant can treat more animals, such as Thor, who need specialized life-saving treatments.

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