Foster Spotlight: The Flood Family, Maggie, and a Litter of Puppies

Continuing with #ResponsibleAnimalGuardianMonth and #NationalRescueDogDay we would like to highlight members of our incredible foster program. Tina Flood and her family fostered to adopt Maggie (then Kiwi) in late January. Foster to adopt occurs when a person wishes to adopt one of our shelter pets, but that animal is not yet ready for adoption. Often this is because the animal is not of age to be spayed or neutered. They will foster the animal in their home until it is ready for adoption.

Around two weeks into the foster Tina reported some news.

“Things were happening. We suspected her of being pregnant and she was,” she said.

It was then that the Flood family, including Tina, her husband, and her son going to college online made the decision to support Maggie through pregnancy, whelping, and puppies. “We said ‘Let’s just do it!'” Tina said.

While Tina had experience with fostering, it was an experience like no other! The Flood family relied on the experience and advice of our veterinary team to successfully give Maggie everything she needed during her pregnancy. After many long nights of hard work and dedication, Maggie had a healthy litter of puppies, and Tina is adopting one! Tina said that her favorite memory of the experience is that not one of the puppies looked alike, each one is unique and special.

Tina feels fostering is important because it gives the animal more time in a home environment and the ability to learn a house routine. This can help make create a more positive adoption experience. After explaining fostering is a big commitment, Tina suggested other ways to help the shelter.

“Volunteering is a great way to help for people who can’t bring animals home. All roles are important,” she said.

When asked if she was going to foster again, Tina didn’t rule it out, but that the Flood family would be taking a break from fostering to enjoy life with Maggie and the new puppy. Thank you, Flood family, for stepping up to help animals in need!

Being a foster is a wonderful chance to nurture an innocent animal and give it a chance for a new life. Plus, it doesn’t cost a thing! Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter provides all food, toys, medical treatment, and supplies while you provide the love and attention. You simply add the love! Learn more about becoming a foster at