Help Us Celebrate 50 Years of Saving Animals

Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter is turning 50! Throughout the years, the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter community has saved thousands of homeless cats and dogs, providing them with loving care and forever homes. Some animals that we take in are severely neglected. Over the years we have seen our share of heartbreaking stories. Thor is one of those animals that when you read his story, you know that something miraculous occurred. He recently found his forever home, thanks to the support of the MPAS community and one very special adopter. Thor leaving Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter for the final time was truly an amazing moment. He was given a round of applause and cheers as he walked out our doors and into the next chapter of his life.  

Thor’s story began early this year. He was extremely malnourished, lethargic, and visibly sick. You could see every bone in his body. He had no bark, no playfulness, and no energy. Through medical testing, the veterinary team quickly determined Thor was in renal failure, an incurable condition that requires ongoing medical care and a specialized diet. The team jumped into action to develop a treatment plan to give Thor a fighting chance to live his best life.  

Thor was put on specialized prescription food to help him regain weight, safely. To give Thor the intravenous treatments he desperately needed for his condition, Mt. Pleasant purchased medical equipment so we could treat him directly in our shelter—in the comfort of our care and with those he was familiar with. Because of your support, our care, and our swift actions, Thor’s loving personality and playfulness returned. For a time, one of our amazing adopters fostered Thor, giving him a break from the shelter.  

Thor’s new family includes a dedicated owner and two four-legged siblings. The adopter was compelled to reach out to us after seeing Thor’s story on Facebook. She conducted extensive research on Thor’s condition before deciding to make the four-hour trip to meet him. She understands his needs and is prepared to provide him with optimal care. She will also be providing him with all the love he deserves and more! These are the things that we look for in our adopters—going the extra mile for our marvelous animals. It speaks to her amazing character and big heart that Thor’s adopter is taking him home not knowing his life span. It is inspiring to see what she is happily willing to do for Thor, whose condition can’t stop him from being a cheerful, goofy, and bubbly dog.  

With no other options for this handsome fellow, he would have certainly died, and treatment like Thor’s comes at a great cost to the shelter. That is why your support is so important: it provides for animals like Thor to give them a second chance at a great life. Thor, who received specialized life-saving treatments is now in his forever home. Thor’s story shows just how strong our community can be when we all work together. 

To celebrate turning 50, we hope to save more animals like Thor. We want to raise $50,000 for 50 years (50 for 50)! 

When you help us celebrate, you will help us find loving homes for 2,000 cats and dogs every year—doubling the number of animals we save today. We also want to provide the support and services our pet-loving community needs to ensure every animal has a safe and healthy life.Your support will fund initiatives such as: 

  • Purchasing life-saving equipment and medication so no animal is left behind because of the care they need. 
  • Improving our building, including separate cat and dog examination rooms, to reduce debilitating fear, anxiety, and stress in our animals.  
  • Hiring a specialist to correct undesirable animal behaviors so our shelter pets can thrive with their new families. 

Will you help us celebrate and reach our $50,000 goal? 

There are many ways you can celebrate MPAS turning 50!  

  • Create a Facebook Fundraiser online today. Once you create a Facebook Fundraising page, go one step further! Donate to your fundraiser, invite 50 Facebook friends to donate, and help us raise $50,000. 
  • Don’t have a Facebook? Donate online and invite your friends and family to join you.   

Your gift today will change the lives of animals who desperately need your help. 

Together, we can save even more animals!