Help 2x More Animals Instantly!

I have exciting news about an opportunity to save twice as many of our most vulnerable animals with your gift.

Right now, thanks to the Mt. Pleasant Board of Directors, every gift we receive before April 15th will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $47,000.

Animals in our community need your help. Every day, helpless animals come to Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter. Many of them, especially the little ones, need round-the-clock care to grow healthy and strong. They need time – and plenty of love – until they’re ready for the forever family they deserve.

Please send in your gift before April 15th to save twice as many lives. On behalf of the animals who will be served by your kindness, thank you.

With gratitude,


Lorri Caffrey
Executive Director


Donations raised to date that will be matched
Give now and double your impact.

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