Staff Spotlight: Rayan Ramadan

Rayan hard at work

Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter is made up of an amazing group of individuals who are making a positive impact in the lives of shelter pets. We are so grateful to have them. Rayan Ramadan is one of those individuals. She joined the team this year as part of the kennel staff and is also one of our adoption counselors. Ever since she was young, caring for animals has been a calling for Rayan. Prior to working at Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter, she worked mainly in retail, with pet sitting on the side. She was also taking courses and training to be an animal control officer before the pandemic.

“When Mt. Pleasant responded to my application, I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait for the possibilities to come. [I’ve been working at Mt Pleasant Animal Shelter] somewhere along the lines of 4 months, but it feels like I’ve been here longer than that because of the great relationships I’ve built with my coworkers and community.”

Rayan believes that the shelter provides so much for the cats and dogs, especially for such a small shelter. She says that what makes Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter unique is the special dogs and cats waiting for their forever home, the amazing staff and volunteers, the overwhelming support of the community.

Rayan and Tabitha

“Seeing the cats and dogs find their forever home is the most rewarding thing, especially the ones that have been at the shelter longer than others. Spending time with the cats and dogs is definitely a close second.”

When Rayan is away from the shelter, she says that she enjoys home-cooked meals made by her family and likes to destress by exercising her body and mind. She enjoys taking care of her personal pets (two guinea pigs and a bird) and current foster kittens, as well as laughing at memes and videos.

If Rayan had to say one thing that makes her unique it is her blasé attitude. We asked her to share a joke with us and here is what she said:

Q: What do baby cats wear?
A: Diapuurrrsss

Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter is grateful for the dedication of staff members like Rayan. Visit our website to learn how you can adopt, donate, volunteer, and foster.