Volunteer Spotlight: Anne Lynch

Anne and Tabitha

Our volunteers are a wonderful group of caring individuals and we are so grateful to have them. They devote their free time to making a positive impact in the lives of shelter pets. This is Anne Lynch’s story.

After learning about Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter through a friend Anne started volunteering. That was nearly 12 years ago. Anne volunteers when she can, usually a few times a week. One of her favorite things about volunteering is getting one of the longtime pups out for the day with a ride and play date. They are so happy and excited to get out, she explained. Anne has also met amazing volunteers/staff who have become great friends as they share the same love for the animals and want what is best for them. When asked about her most memorable moment at the shelter, Anne says:

“My memorable moments are when a dog that-has been in the shelter for a while finally finds their forever home. Especially a pup that has been at the shelter for a while and you have a special bond with him/her. It’s always a good feeling to see them find a home.”  

Volunteer Jeannie Ariola recounted a story about Anne dedicating time and energy into finding Danica, a shelter dog who got lost in the woods. Thanks in a large part to Anne’s help, Danica was eventually found.

We asked her to share a joke with us and here is what she said:

Question:  What do you get when you cross a dog and a calculator?
Answer:    A friend you can count on. 

Thank you, Anne, for all you do to improve the lives of our shelter pets, our staff, and our entire community. There are many ways to join the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter Community. Visit these links to learn how to adoptdonatevolunteer, and foster.