This year, to keep our communities safe from COVID-19, many of us have been spending more time indoors. An unintentional consequence of this may be weight gain. With weight loss and stress reduction topping the chart of New Years’ resolutions, here are some ways pet ownership can help.
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Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter, an East Hanover, NJ animal shelter that promotes the fostering and adoption of rescue dogs and cats, today announced their designation as one of the region’s only Fear Free Shelters.
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After learning about Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter through a friend Anne started volunteering. That was nearly 12 years ago. Anne volunteers when she can, usually a few times a week.
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Americans have a long tradition of giving pets as gifts for numerous momentous occasions including birthdays, graduations, and holidays. We have all seen a puppy or kitten-in-a-box-under-the-tree as a gift on a holiday TV show or movie. How true to life is this?
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Jag volunteers at the shelter regularly and averages about 100 hours a year. When she is not at the shelter, she is advocating for our shelter pets by sharing information, photos, and videos that she takes online. She enriches the lives of our animals which leads to better outcomes in adoption.
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