Volunteer Spotlight – Rich Seguine

Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter treasures the many volunteers who support our shelter and the animals we save. Richard Seguine is one of our longest and most dedicated volunteers. Before volunteering at our shelter, he worked in the financial industry throughout America and Canada for 50 years. He is also a veteran, having served 6 years in the Army. Richard or Rich, as he prefers to be called, has two pets named Louie & George. Louie is a 7-year-old pug and dachshund mix. George was adopted from Mt. Pleasant and is a mini-lab and whippet mix. When asked about how they both impact his life, Rich responded, “They help me get through the hard times and the good times.”

Rich had a calling to volunteer and Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter stood out to him most when he was researching shelters to volunteer for. He is impressed that we have been around for almost 50 years and that we have a wonderful reputation in our community. Rich also likes that there are different ways he can volunteer such as fundraising, dog walking, or helping dogs find their forever home. He enjoys going to adoption events that support the shelter and has developed great friendships with the volunteers he serves with. “Rich leads by example and his love for our animals shines through in all that he does to support them,” says Maureen Van Artsdalen, Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter’s Executive Director.

One of Rich’s most memorable moments volunteering was a birthday party the shelter hosted in honor of one of its pets, Amber, a 12-year-old Anatolian Shepherd. Another Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter volunteer decided to throw her a birthday party to celebrate her special day. Rich was greatly moved by the love the volunteers and staff had shown to Amber by throwing her such an amazing party. When asked if he would recommend volunteering for Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter Rich replied, “Yes, because the employees and volunteers care about the animals. All of them genuinely want to find animals good homes.”

Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter is extremely grateful for Rich’s commitment to improving the lives of our animals.