Sparing Eyesight Through Nicky’s Second Chance Fund

Years ago, Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter created Nicky’s Second Chance fund to allocate funds to be used for animals who had special medical needs above and beyond our high standards of care. Recently, we saved two animals, knowing that they would need additional medical care. Moose and Abe both suffer from entropion, a genetic condition where part of the eyelid is inverted or folded inward against the eyeball. If left untreated, this condition irritates and scratches the cornea, leading eventually to vision loss. Through our efforts, we have been able to save them both, and hopefully their eyesight.

Moose is a fun-loving 1-year old Pit bull mix who, tragically, was used as a bait dog. A bait dog is typically a puppy that is used by dogfighters to help teach their game dogs to fight. Saved from this horrific situation by a local animal welfare organization, we were approached about taking him in. Without hesitation, Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter jumped at the chance to save this precious dog’s life. During his evaluation, we learned more about his condition and the surgery he would need to save his vision. We knew that for Moose to have the best possible outcome, surgery would be needed. If it wasn’t for the actions of our shelter, and a generous donation made to Nicky’s Second Chance Fund, Moose’s life might have turned out very differently. Today, he is happily melting the hearts of his foster family, enjoying his playtime, and working on finding his forever home.

Abe, an adult cat, recently came to our shelter. We don’t know a lot about where he came from nor do we know his backstory. What we do know is that Abe desperately needs our help. To meet him is to love him. Abe is extremely friendly and very talkative, greeting everyone as they walk into the room. With his sweet disposition, he has quickly won our hearts. Without our intervention, he will lose his eyesight. We simply cannot let that happen and will do all we can to help him retain his vision and find a permanent, loving home.

Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter will always do what we can, no matter the cost, to help animals like Moose and Abe. Saving their eyesight and finding them their forever homes are top priorities for us. Surgeries like these, however, are very expensive and cost about $3,000. In order to continue to provide these kinds of life-changing surgeries, we urgently need your help. Please support Nicky’s Second Chance Fund today and help us save Abe’s eyesight.